Our team is so committed to meeting your objective in a professional efficient and pleasing manner, that we are welling to put our guarantee in writing!

With over 40 years of combine experience we started our brokerage firm to prioritize high quality service and work. We are aware of the many options when hiring a broker however high quality service and work is something the industry lacks. At IBR Group we have identified this weakness and built our firm to provide a superior and thorough service above industry standards.

More About IBR Group…

IBR Group, Corp was established and incorporated in the State of Florida, specializing in Investments, Business and Real Estate Brokerage. Our goal is to provide a professional service that is unique to our industry by working in alliance with experienced CPA’s and attorneys, who specialize in the fast changing fields of business, real estate and immigration. We created these strategic alliances for the sole purpose of better serving our dients, based on a specialized range of skills, knowledge and experiences. As a result of this joint effort, IBR Group is in a unique position to provide a superior and thorough service above industry standards


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Our values

  • Leadership: Work hard and be motivated to achieve a better future.
  • Integrity: Good deeds are shown not told. Integrity is an essential part of our family heritage and Business.
  • Collaboration: By working as a group we can combine our strengths to achieve better results.
  • Passion: We love what we do and feel satisfy that our actions translate into real results.
  • Quality: We are committed individually and as a group to maintain and reflect the quality of our work.
  • Improving: We are committed to fermenting an environment with education and growth for the good of the individual, family and business.
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IBR Group, Corp-specializing in Investments, Business and Real Estate Brokerage

IBR group is a multidisciplinary family team that excels in the industry of Business brokerage and real estate (Commercial and Residential)
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